About Us

Welcome to J & I Beauty Supplies Inc.!

My name is Irene, and pictured beside me is my mom, Tina, who is the owner of J & I Beauty Supplies. Since the global pandemic, I have become more involved in business operations and now managing our official online store.  
We are a Toronto-based beauty supplies store and salon with a mission to provide African people and women of colour access to skin, hair care and other beauty products that are not conveniently found in mainstream stores. We provide a variety of products from shampoos and conditioners to wigs and hair extensions, however, we take pride in our raw, natural shea butter, cocoa butter and black soap products directly imported from our hometown, Accra, Ghana. 
As a Ghanaian immigrant, my mom started this business in 2003 in efforts to create a better life for our family, hence ‘J & I’ being named after myself, and brother, Jerome. With very few savings, this just started out as a booth at a local flea market for five years, and we now operate out of the Albion Finch Plaza in Etobicoke, Ontario since 2008. 
Over the next year, we will be growing and expanding our product collections and services to better support the local African and Black beauty community. To stay tuned and up to date for special announcements, sign up to our mailing list below.